Architectural project--fragment


During the first two semesters we had two “basic design” courses. One that students really loved was led by a professor who preferred post-modern abstract architecture, the other one was led by another unit that was the complete opposite, forcing students to produce “nice” designs, filled with classicism and ornaments.

I actually hated the first course, unable to switch myself to design abstract geometric shapes that were strange to me. It was a surprise to me that the ultra-traditional assistants from the other course actually let me do everything that I wanted. My designs caused lots of head shaking, but finally I got my wings back.

The project was closest to the things I had used to do before and the output involved drawing skills that were not so easily available to the others. The garden was inspired by art-nouveau, but it was actually a mixture of some murky middle-age, art-nouveau and even high-tec art. It's location was a real place, by the Kremerowska street and Feldmana street in Krakow.

The teaching assistants agreed on one thing: they said they would frighten their children by telling them that they will be taken to this garden… In spite of this it's still my favorite project from my academic times. Only a part of the pictures are shown. I didn't have the access to all of them.

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