Architectural project--fragment


This project was made for the purpose of the defense of thesis at the Division of Architecture. It's name is “Center for recreation and rehabilitation at the Kamienica river, Nowy Sącz”.

The main idea of the project was associated with the features of the local ecosystem and employed two superimposed construction structures. The external one was to resemble an object which is a remaining of an old structure of a contemporarily found, previously abandoned and broken “ship” or “packing”, laying at the bank of the river. As time passes, the building was planned to integrate more and more with the surrounding ecosystem.

The sloped multi-layered structural walls with visible wear and destruction are the most characteristic feature of the architectural design. The internal, built-in “new” construction defines floors and assigns function that include swimming pools, sauna, two basketball halls and a whole floor aimed for the purpose of rehabilitation. The building was planned for easy access for wheelchair-bound and fast communication among various functions.

Themes: House :|: Garden details :|: Internship :|: Virtual reconstruction :|: Graduate project