Architectural project--fragment


This was one of the projects that we were simultaneously working on during the third semester. The panel shown here was a part of the whole project, which also included an urban plan for the whole site of similar housing units.

This was one of the rare occasions when I would work using pencils only—most students drafted with technical pens soon before the computers came on the stage.

This project was very simple but contained a couple of mistakes (actually it was the first project of a house I ever made myself). But I still like it. I remember drawing the perspective of the house using descriptive geometry that students loved to hate after two consecutive semesters of learning this pretty dehumanized technique. My friends would shake their heads and suggest me consulting a psychiatrist.

Ah, and one more thing! People who attended this design course chose this project as their favorite from among all the projects we made during that time—I even got a small reward for it! :)

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