Architectural project--fragment


These projects do not come in a chronological order, but each one means something special to me. The first two were made before I got my first computer, and show a completely different quality from what a computer can offer.

Later on, the desire to learn CAD and visualization programs led me to muddling through the more complex projects. Instead of focusing on the design and output I was repeatedly finding myself fighting with the limits of the software and available time. Years passed, and the projects I really admire are NOT the ones modeled in CAD programs. My grades too were not the same as for the manually made projects, but I really benefit my practice with the computer.

The first computerized project shown here is actually inhabited for a couple of years. The last one was a quite complex, both urban and an architectural project—the final one before I graduated from the technical university.

There is also an example of the result of my cooperation with a company specialized in 3D virtual reconstructions, that has prepared a reconstruction of the monumental Wawel Hill in Krakow, where I studied.

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