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Mack is not my name, but Maciek (pronounced somewhat close the English “magic”) does not really translate well. Born and settled in Poland, now by my wife in the US for some time. In English, people usually refer to me as Matt (Matthias).

It's actually been that since my earliest days I had been showing my love for leaving traces on paper (and all stuff around me). Apparently not hurt by the educational system, I used to spend time on sketching during lessons rather than being a convincing listener (but DON'T follow this example, not all the teachers are so forgiving). As a student of architecture, at the university in Krakow, I was eventually encouraged to draw during the lectures—the fun was probably not the same, but at last I didn't have to feel guilty :).

It took me too long to realize that my otherwise successfull attempts to learn to do computer grahics and modeling will finally lead me to nowhere. It's that I was long fascinated with 3d animation effects, but not desperate enough to commit myself to it full-time.

I slowly got back to drawing, rediscovering technical pens and color pencils in my drawer, trying to get a name of a traditional artist rather than computer advisor for those less proficient. I started to draw commercial color illustrations, some shown in the demo section.

In the meantime as my reserve to computer as an artist's helper was growing, I started to enjoy web design. I taught myself coding and scripting, which eventually led me to cooperation with a renowned Polish web-design company. But coding was not really my calling and though it was not a complete waste of time, it was a wrong way to go. I learned a lot, I worked on a couple of commercial assignments, but now I only do webdesign for myself and some non-commercial work for friends, like the Help Liberia Foundation.

I still work in the architectural business, and I appreciate the speed and precision of my CAD software while sketching and assembling cardboard models appeal much more to my clients :).

I'm a reborn Christian and my faith in Christ helps me with getting through on a daily basis. It's the God Himself who grants people talents and if you are asking how I do it, I have to point at Him first.

If you would like to know something more about my works or obtain a more official resumé of mine, please contact me using the contact information provided on this site. Thank you.


NOTE to forum users, bloggers etc.: I'm happy that you like the drawings presented on this website and you sometimes link to them on other webpages. Except for really pesky commercial or bulk use I will not do you any harm when I see it (see, I know who links to my graphics).

But since you are using my artwork without asking me first, PLEASE realize that I would appreciate giving a link back to my webpage here: http://notmyhome.com/mack, so that your visitors know where the drawings come from and can see some more if they want. If you like art in general, remember that authors have the right to be mentioned next to it.

Password-protected pages or forums or communities: please contact me before you use my drawings there. The fact they are being displayed here for EVERYONE to see means that I do not want anybody else to show them where others have limited access. You don't have to ask if you link to one of the pages (not images) from your site.

Moreover, I have never removed the copyright note from my site and when you take my work some place else I can't protect my property with such a note. Please treat the above as part of the copyright agreement between you and me. Thank you for your good manners.

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