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My job makes me develop some kind of design practically every day, but I never claim that I am a designer, especially in the times when I believe this word is frequently abused or misused to add rank to the simplest things. In spite of this, I believe I can apply the word “design” to many of my projects. The final effect is usually, but not always, achieved using a computer.


Web design

Started out as a hobby, persuaded by a couple of friends back in time when Netscape4.x was still the king. This hobby later turned to an after-hours job that constantly required a steep learning curve to try to be up-to-date (in the IT branch you never get this comfort, though). I still treat it as an experiment and fun, but I know that I have learned a lot since my first attempts to build web pages. It gives me the control to publish a message the way I like.

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Graphic designs

Most of them assembled with computer used different software and techniques, but there are exceptions. Usually this kind of design is a side effect of some other project. A couple of logotypes, some posters and cards are just examples of the hundreds of different small designs.

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