A drawing--fragment


Unlike my sketches, I consider the drawings presented here complete. What is a complete piece of art, one might ask. I would say—if adding something to the art does not enrich it, then I consider it complete.

First two of the drawings shown below were made a long time ago, while the last one is quite new. They didn't fit any other theme, but I wanted to show them as an example of the above “definition”. Of course, they are pretty simple ones.



Just a couple excerpts from the ones I still keep in my files. Read some more about my comics, or simply click one of the links below.

Themes: No-name'95 :|: The Star :|: Others



Not too much now, but really worth seeing. These drawings really took time to develop. There will be more soon!

Themes: Butterflies :|: Narnia


Wildlife drawings

They come in two separate topics: drawings of amphibians, made for a local association called “Greenworks”, the rest of my wildlife drawings (mostly wolves) were made for another client, a group of people specialized in preservation of wolves all around Poland, called “Wilk”.

Themes: Greenworks :|: Wolves