A Drawing--fragment


These drawings were made when I was still in high school. One of our teachers was a co-founder of a local organization that protected local species of amphibians. Along with preparing some graphic layouts on a computer, I was asked to make drawings of various amphibians for leaflets and promotional materials.

Some time later I was asked to work on a series of color illustrations of amphibians that would be later included in a publication aimed for people interested in active protection of these species. After a couple of months spent on searching through all available books about amphibians, I came up with a series of layouts with taxonomic illustrations that would cover all the species of amphibians that could be found in Poland.

The illustrations would include all the age- and sex-specific details that you can tell a particular species from another. Even now I can remember most of the Latin names, I knew them better than my teacher…

I wish I could show these drawings here, I will try to get my hand on some of them. By now all I can show you are a couple of stickers that I designed, which actually contained some of the drawings from the taxonomic illustrations.

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