A Drawing--fragment


Shame to admit, I have never seen a “real” wolf in my life, neither ever heard one howling. Sabina, the head of the Polish “Association for Nature—Wolf” tried to help me on that matter, but the wolves did not want to reveal their presence to me.

The “Wilk” does not limit itself to the protection of wolves, which became an endangered species in Europe, and there were also drawings of other various predators that I made for them. The drawings would appear on stickers, T-shirts and other promotional materials that advertised their cooperation with various ecological founds all across Europe.

One of the drawings was made for an assignment with German IFAW, it's an example of approach to a step-by-step preparation of an illustration made with color pencils and watercolors.

Ifyou would like to learn something more about the “Wolf” organization, go to www.most.org.pl/wolf and contact Sabina Nowak there.

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