Phases of creation of a drawing

I am very happy to show you these drawings of a pair of wolves, because I didn't yet have a scanner while working on the previous series. In this case I would scan my drawing when I was finishing some part of the work, especially for the purpose of showing them on a website. They lied in wait a long time, and this it the premiere.

The first drawing is actually a sketch to negotiate the proportions, then comes another sketch that served as the outline for the final graphic. Before drawing with the colored pencils, I would underpaint the drawing with appropriate watercolors to add saturation to various shades of fur.

The drawing was based upon several pictures, which served as data for the anatomic details colors and proportions. It was ordered by a German scientist who saw my drawings made for the “Wilk” and wanted to get one for the organization he worked for. [Watercolor pencils; May 2002]

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