A Drawing--fragment


These come from the ones I still keep in my files. Some other drawings I had finished were made as gifts and now are scattered.

I never made any “real” large comic that was printed, the only published ones were those that were used in some ads in newspapers. I'm a poor story writer and never actually met anyone who wanted to tell a good story this way. Sometimes I would have an idea of a story, but lacked time and desperation to finish it.

I would surely like to spend more time drawing comics. I'm sure that I eventually will in the future. I don't draw much of this sort of art(*) right now because my current occupation does not allow too much time for it…

Themes: No-name'95 :|: The Star :|: Others

(*) I once read the following: “Comics are surely the worst sort of literature found on the market”. Following this logic, a shoe is the strangest kind of fish in the river. No, comic is a separate kind of art, if you are still unaware.