A sketch--fragment


A sketch is, at least in my explicit opinion, something that can be defined as unfinished or at some preliminary stage. Most of the drawings or sketches presented here reveal this characteristic lack of “perfection” found in the “official” works to be presented to the others.

Sketches reveal much more about the author and his intentions than complete works do—they show the full way the artist had to go to push through. Finally, sketches contain errors and ideas that are not likely to appear anywhere in the “clean” finite version. That's why I LOVE sketches.

Some of the works were later finally completed in their full presumed form. Some were not. And most of them were intended to remain sketches. So it's become hard to tell if a drawing is a complete “piece of art” or something apparently not worth looking at—a sketch. I hope I chose some for you that are actually worth the time spent on clicking 'round the site.



These sketches were a material for comics, some were completed and some not. Part of these sketches were just made for pure self-enjoyment and they did not help the final version anyhow. The No-name group is collected of small works that usually remain completely meaningless and without purpose.

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Fantasy and sci-fi

Section also contains sketches that were put in this group only conventionally, just because they were made for that purpose. But they might as well fit somewhere else. Of course, many sketches here explicitly belong to the fantasy and SF area.

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