A sketch--fragment


A friend of mine, when he saw these sketches before the site was launched, said: oh, yes, this is the kind of drawings that I like most. Some of the sketches are quite realistic, like the miniature of a stained glass window. But sometimes they appear completely abstract, their life really begins when the author does not care any more about what this is really going to be.

So, here is a couple of this kind of sketches, which some people would describe as created when the right hemisphere of the brain prevails over the left one (assuming the author is right-handed). Supposedly, when the artist works, the left one consciously controls what is going on on the paper, but many artists claim that they first let themselves in a kind of trance that allows them to work better, and this is the time when the other part of the brain becomes active.

Still, the ones below are not a result of such state. I rather make them to warm up before doing something special. Sometimes it may even take a whole week to get ready to serious drawing… so, yes, probably it is a matter of the state of mind.

Themes: Mylny :|: Donkey :|: Child & bodyguards :|: No-name