A sketch--fragment


I once read an opinion expressed by the most famous Polish futurologist and SF writer, Stanisław Lem—he said that most of the stories told by the science-fiction literature actually belong to its other varieties, only put within the brackets of a futuristic environment. It determines whether what we see on screen or in the page of a book we would otherwise call “a horror” or “an adventure”. When we see an intelligent machine or a strange vehicle that can hover in the air or travel in space—it's most probably science-fiction.

My interest in SF began when I was a teenager and it never totally expired, however I think I have gained much criticism for it. Just as I used to subconsciously copy some ideas, inspired by the things that I had watched or read, when I look at a modern SF movie I have to admit that I have seen it somewhere before. No wonder you will feel the same about many of my pictures (hope not all, though).

Besides, there are some motifs in the SF suggesting that human origin and the history of mankind depends strongly on some kind of extra-terrestrial influence, with which I strongly disagree, believing the testimony of the Bible. However I still keep some really nice comics at home that hold their roots back in Daniken's theories. Nice to look at, but deceitful. Same as hidden human powers talked in (on the other hand touching) fantasy fairy-tales.

The contents of this section is a mixture, not a single story or so. From time to time I just add up something to my collection of sketches, because drawing SF or fantasy is real fun. I treat it as a test on how my imagination works or a way to warm it up, so that it doesn't totally die. I wish I had more time for such training.

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