A sketch--fragment


The most frequently asked question I have been asked was “so how do you draw those people, do you use models from nature or photos?” Most people interested in comics are aware of the fact that after drawing a particular character for many years, an artist is literally able to draw that person completely automatically.

Of course there are some elements or characters that I like to exploit until I get bored with them. I do not draw them to make for a living, so I have the choice.

Most of the drawings below come from the time when I had particular ideas on my mind and when I was still learning to draw in a realistic way. It meant more to me than actually opening new horizons for the already over-exploited science-fiction, probably I made more copies rather than thinking of something never thought of before.

There was a period of time when I was looking up to Grzegorz Rosiński, a famous artist with Polish origin, the author of the “Thorgal”, a comic widely recognized in Europe. I was copying his style, especially when drawing people. Later on I saw I wouldn't go any further going down this path, so I started experimenting on developing a style of my own. Those experiments were paused when I begun my architectural studies, and I must admit that I did not seriously try to continue with those attempts. Now, I would rather define a different style to fit the particular project, depending on the impression that I want to leave on people.

As you will see, I love to draw in black and white. The form means much more to me than color, as long as the color does not add depth to the final effect.

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