A sketch--fragment


I tried to note down the realistic vision of these aliens, but every time I did—I would fail. Eventually, what I came up with is more of a “design” of the creature rather than an attempt to illustrate the first impression.

Why “race”?—the dual meaning of the title of the whole story goes back to a race of creatures living in its planet's oceans. They had built up an extremely developed technological civilization based on cruel slavery, and now the whole race is running away from the ghosts it has produced in the past.

Sustained by machines but physically and morally depraved, the species is about to face its extinct, chased by the blind and unescapable justice to be executed by those who they used to abuse. This is their final “race” to find a way to survive.

Regardless of the story, the whole idea behind it was to try to discover some kind of dignity and beauty behind what is ugly and unacceptable—both on the outside (for strangers) and inside. If the race fails to find any good in itself, it is not going to survive.

I must admit, that in the process of trying to define the external appearance of these creatures, the first drawings I made were closer to the real “ugliness” that I wanted to achieve. The later ones were actually studies based on real creatures that live in the oceans and some kind of quick impression on what they did to improve their ability to operate in other circumstances than water—this remained pure cosmetics, though—at least by now.

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