A sketch--fragment


The working name of this comic was “This world's definition. Vol.1 - FEAR”, and comes from the time when I was making teenager's attempts do redefine the world for my own purpose :). But I never liked this title. The never finally drawn comic was about a strange thing happening to a small girl and a group of bodyguards watching her.

The action takes place in a very, uhm… extraordinary circumstances. The girl is holding her doll, consoling the toy against the unknown, surrounded by a group of armed bodyguards, who—in spite of their presumed professionalism—seem uncertain of the reason of what they protect her from. The situation is both funny and abstract, but what happens later seems to reveal their common helplessness.

Good material for a metal band video ;).

Themes: Mylny :|: Donkey :|: Child & bodyguards :|: No-name