Sketch of a stained glass window with roses

Say it's NICE or I will take offense…

But wait, there's an anecdote bound with this tiny drawing. I made this exact one for my teacher's wedding invitations, then I forgot it. Years later I had to take part in hand drawing course during my studies at the faculty of architecture. One day we were told to draw a project of a stained glass window.

Probably because the school generally promotes highly artistic and contemporary approach in every kind of design, the assistants would strongly encourage us to develop a modern acrylic glass and get rid of the bondage of lead divisions that historically used to keep the whole picture together. Not for the first time during the course I decided to play a prodigal son and did the opposite, exactly according to the sketch above.

When I was about to finish my full-color drawing, behold, I sensed some kind of stare from behind that hit my back like a dagger. Just as I turned back to see my supposed persecutor, I saw one of the teaching assistants, her finger pointing at me as she was looking at the picture, screaming out loud: “No!! Please, don't say anything!! I just have ONE QUESTION for you, Mr. Krol!! Just one question!!—Please tell me; why are YOU doing THIS to US?!… Why are YOU doing THIS to US?!…”

…anyway, remember: drawing is fun! [Technical pen; date unrecorded]

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