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The ability do be able to edit graphics in a computer helps me much almost every day. I mastered CorelDraw when I was still in high school. Then people would ask me to make various layouts, assemble text and graphics, design business cards and so on. There were no flatbed scanners back then, only very expensive models, so I did practically everything using manually prepared vector graphics.

I must say that I barely make everything from scratch using a computer. Usually before I turn it on I have a set of sketches that save me a lot of time that I would otherwise spend on drawng it on a computer and then observing the effect. Of course I don't want to say that this is the best method. But it has one advantage. You know what you want before the particular program you use for design will tell you what you want (more on this subject, refer to

The logotypes below are not chosen because they are something very special. I picked these just because I have something to say about them

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