Illustrations to the stories

A friend and at the same time a would-be mother-in-law of mine happened to organize a meeting to honor a man, who many years ago emigrated from our hometown. She found his name on the internet, together with the articles/stories that he had begun to write. These stories were an almost surreal vision of a post-war town, where Jews had established one third of its total community, but that was before the World War II. There are only two Jews left in Nowy Sącz who survived and remember that slaughter.

Waldemar Kontewicz, the author, publishes online in “The Scrolls” (google-search on Kontewicz rudymentarz). I was asked to prepare a series of cards that would commemorate that evening and provide some visual impression. The pictures of various places mentioned in the texts were already taken by someone else, I had them scanned and altered them in a computer to suit the black and white layout. Each one of the cards was to imitate a slightly different, modern or historical style of design to achieve different moods.

Text © Waldemar Kontewicz. Original pictures © Beata and Milena Michalik. All rights reserved.

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