Architectural project--fragment


Once I became familiar with 3DStudioMax, I was searching for some area where I could prove myself. An acquaintance of mine introduced me to a group of his friends, who at that time had been working on a large project aimed for a complete virtual reconstruction of the historical monuments of the Wawel Hill in Krakow. The name of the project was “The Lost Wawel”.

At the time when I applied for that job they were looking to expand their small team of 3D modelers and animators. In spite of my little professional experience I was asked to join them.

During the couple of months of our cooperation, before I had to refocus completely on my final project at school, I prepared a series of animations based on a group of buildings that were already made.

There was a different purpose to them, than to the rest of the realistic visualizations. I was told to think of some kind of method of visualization that would provide additional 3D animations. These were to both highlight some of the elements that could not be shown in the fully textured versions and in the same time show people how much work is actually involved in building 3D wireframes.

I proposed that we make all the important details “grow” just in front of people's eyes, from a highlighted wireframe to a solid object, but without the application of the complete materials that were set in other fully textured animations.

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